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"Love is knowing that you are special and everyone else is special too…" Guided by their new friend Starbright of Planet Om, Sky and his sister Rose discover universal love as the main key in facing life's challenges. Sparkling Together contains eight colorfully illustrated stories each encompassing one of the challenges common to childhood experience, including: self esteem, negative feelings, environmental awareness, a new home, new friends, an unemployed parent, a new sibling, illness, death of a pet, and death of a grandparent. The stories are geared toward children ages 5 to 9.

Title and Subtitle: Sparkling Together; Starbright and His Earthling Friends
Author and Residence: Jyoti Ma, Yogaville, Virginia
Illustrator and Residence: Chandra Devi, Somerset, England
Publisher and Publication Date: Integral Yoga Publications, May 2004
ISBN: 0-932040-54-3
Library of Congress Number: PZ7.M1112Sp 2004 2004056553
Subject Category: Juvenile Fiction (Interplanetary Fantasy)
Format: Paperback                       Page Count: 96
Color Illustrations:Trim: 7 x 9         List Price: $19.95
Publicist: Jyoti Ma, [email protected], (434) 969-3121, ext.130
Availability: bookstores, or directly through Integral Yoga Distribution at
(800) 262-1008, Bookstores can also purchase copies through Ingram.